Buy chips using pulses

I have bought chips using payment via credit on the Google Play store, but my chips have not yet been logged in and my credit balance has been deducted, I hope the purchase of my chips can be confirmed as soon as possible
Order number: GPA.3392-2804-4987-94908
Order date: 2019 May 31 04:01:43 WIB
Items: 30.000.000 Poker Chips (Turn Poker)
Payment method : XL/AXIS


  • Andikalubiss
    Saya Udh Belik Chip Dari Pulsa Knpa Chip Nya Belum Masuk2 Juga?
    Dari Jam 06:00 Saya Belik Tapi Blm Masuk2 Smpk Skrg Knpa?
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