Creating Account Panel as Partnership


Do you looking for a business opportunity?

we are glad to announce that we have published partnership deals for you who wants to be an agent resellers. Its means, you can be an agent reseller "Turn Poker" chips and gold in the game.
You can create a new account panel and follow the registration requirements in order to become a part of us.

How to Register:

1. Login to your Facebook account.
2. Contact us via LiveChat here or here
3. Send Message to our facebook here with format registration.

4. You must buying a product's Gold min. G 500.000.000 (G 500 Milion).
5. Finishing the first purchase order for confirmation about your ID Panel.
6. Once your account has been upgraded to Panel, the first purchase of Gold (G 500 Milion) will be sent to your account.
7. You are Turn Poker Partnership now.

Note: G 500 Milion the price is 45.90 USD ( 600.000 IDR + incl. fee creating panel )

Registration Requirements:

- Have a Turn Poker Account.
- Account Min. level 15 (Big Dog).
- Status account isn't Banned.
- Must purchase first order gold min. G 500.000.000 (500 Milion Gold) from us.

Format Registration:

Code: Select all

Registration Turn Poker's Partnership

Full Name:
ID Account Turn Poker:

Please send me more information about registering account panel in game, thank you.

Come in, register your account panel and be an agent chips / gold in Turn Poker !
joining us now, thank you.


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