Turn Poker Rules

Game Rules:

You play in the poker game for a while or you will begin to play, you are supposed to read and accept our rules that show when you first login to the game. To inform you for our rules in this subject, I'm going to try to write our rules demonstratively. 

Take a look at our rules;
  1. Opening multiple account in the game and playing at the same table or different table is forbidden.
  2. To become annoying, talking pejorative, humiliating, swearing or imply bad words are inadmissible. Discriminating about another player's religion, apartheid are forbidden by Turn Games.
  3. Sending text in chat panel about "free chip", and making promotion, or like those texts and to demand transferring free chips are forbidden. At the same way, selling and purchasing chips are forbidden.
  4. To block team play on the tables and you play with your friends at the same table, we developed a system. Finally, these friends can play at the same table that we open for them that names "Team Table".
  5. Staff members may ban players without prior notice if they detect toxic behaviour.
Thank you for taking the time to read.
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